Fearsome Four

                                                                                      Thane’s back!

Shay Horde ran down the stairs waving a letter and yelling in excitement! His mother, Mrs. Ruth Horde, looked startled and exclaimed, “I haven’t heard you yell like that since Thane left dear. It must be something about the letter. Is it about Thane?” Shay laughed and looked lovingly at His mother, “I can’t remember the last time you didn’t know what was happening in our family. But yes it is Thane and he’s coming for a visit! Awesome huh! ” This whole time Shays father, Mr. Adam Horde, was listening and surveying the scene, “You are right mother I was surprised that such noise could come to our house.  The neighbours must be worried, this used to be such a quiet house.” Shay laughed and handed the letter to his mum, “Read it.” He insisted. Mrs. Horde took the letter and opened it:

Dear Shay and Family

It’s going quite well in Sun Valley, how’s it going over there in Little Creek. I will be visiting you on Monday for three weeks and will have some presents for you. Hey Shay, little brother, how are you and the rest of the Fearsome Four? I’m missing all the adventures and all the friends especially Donny I will bring him a nice big bone.                      Love, Thane

Mrs. Horde laughed and sighed an amused sigh, “You know, the fearsome four never cease to amaze me, especially Cassidy, funny, a boy’s name that, Cassidy.” Shay laughed, “Mom, Cassidy always wanted to be boyish. She never really liked being a girl because as a girl you can’t do a lot of things.” Mrs. Horde raised an eyebrow and said, “Well she’s quit a tomboy.” Shay laughed and ran up to tidy his room and separate the two beds joined together to make a double bed for Thane

Chapter two is coming out: Shay Makes a Discovery


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