Blizzard Chapter 1

The great blizzard

Chapter 1

One day there was a dog named Blizzard he was completely white except for the tip his one right ear. He was tall and had a prime coat. He was a Bull Terrier. But one thing that was different about him beside his extravagant, snowy, fur coat was that he loved to play in mud and water. Sadly this would sometimes get him into great trouble as you will see when the story unfolds. Blizzard was owned by a 14 year old boy who lived in Paris, France. The young boy, named William, was very gentle with all animals, but for him Bull Terriers were the best. I will tell you a few of Blizzard’s adventures in other episodes.  You see, Blizzard simply loved chasing chickens and ducks, and for the poor ducks, water seemed the only refuge, but they chose the wrong place. Blizzard loved water and swimming so when the ducks jumped into the water they were shortly followed by Blizzard. The ducks only made it a much more exciting pursuit for Blizzard! As for the chickens, well let’s just say that Blizzard was a lot faster than them. Therefore, very few farmers tended to like him. I think that now is the time to tell you how William came to find and adopt Blizzard. You see Blizzard used to be owned by a tough, strong, man who was nicknamed Big Sam. Now, Blizzard can be extremely ferocious when he wants to be, for that is the nature of bull terriers. Just the way Blizzard was treated, made sure that William had a bit of a tough time trying to train him after Blizzard was bought by him, but I think I’m getting a little carried away let me resume the main story. Big Sam purchased Blizzard from an illegal trader who sold dogs trained, or capable of being trained, for the fighting ring. You see in those times dog fights were quit common and Big Sam was a big fan of these fights. Big Sam was known at a certain place called Tough Point were the most dog fights took place, it was an old horse corral, Big Sam was known for bringing in the toughest dogs in the arena. Any way I’m getting off track, let’s continue with our story. Blizzard soon became the favourite dog in Tough Point and the most envied. Blizzard was a star. But one day a new dog came to the arena whose master’s name was Samson. Now this dog was a hybrid. A hybrid is a dog that is mixed between a dog and wolf. Now you see Blizzard was on his fifth fight that day so he was dually worn out. The wolf was having his first fight so he was in fact quit refreshed and active. Silence fell as the fighting ring announcer announced the next fighters, the crowd held their breath in anticipation. Announcers voice, ”And now ladies and gentlemen I am sure you are quite excited to hear that our next contestants are Blizzard and Specks with their owners Big Sam and Samson!” The crowd gasped, then went wild with excitement. “GO BLIZZARD” “GO SPECKS” chanted the crowd! Samson came in with Specks on the one side of the ring and Big Sam with Blizzard on the other side. The dogs growled at each other. Big Sam gave Samson an ugly and evil grin and said,” Well Samson pray that it’s your lucky day because you’re to face the gates of hell soon enough Ha!” Samson said nothing but his eyes did, he glared silently at Big Sam. Suddenly the buzzer went off and the gates swung open crashing into the fences behind. The dogs leaped in and faced each other. So the Battle ensued. You see Blizzard defeated his enemies with brute strength, never wavering but giving an ugly grin similar to his master’s. But Blizzard never ducked and dodged and those things, but the wolf did. So let’s just say that Blizzard wasn’t quick enough for the wolf. Big Sam was angry and muttered threats under his breath, Samson just laughed him to shame,” What puppies are you going to bring next time eh Sammy?” That did it; Big Sam gave Samson a punch. That did it too. Soon a fight ensued drawing a large crowd and very soon the police. Both men were arrested and their dogs confiscated. Specks was sent to a dog trainer who wanted to experiment on a hybrid. Blizzard was sent to an SPCA. At the SPCA Blizzard became uncontrollable so the people there wanted to put him down. But one day a young boy came by to the SPCA. He walked up to one of the employees and asked if he could see the manager so the employee took him to the manager, then the young boy asked if he could see the animals in solitary, the manager refused and said,” Kid, it’s not worth it so forget the idea.” But the young boy carried on persisting so finally the manager said he would get one of the employees to take him there. When the young boy saw Blizzard in the solitary all by himself (for you see this young boy (William) loved Bull Terriers, remember) he felt very compassionate and sorry for him. So he asked the employee if he could buy him but the employee said he should see the manager . So he went to see the manager again. But the manager refused. But the boy pleaded. Finally the manager let him take Blizzard thinking that the boy probably would return him again. But unfortunately he never saw the boy again. Well William bought a collar and an iron chain. He marched proudly down the aisle with Blizzard growling at everything. I tell you it was extremely hard for William to train Blizzard. By the time Blizzard was calmer William looked like a sorrowful mess and I mean a painfully sorrowful mess. So that is how William got Blizzard.


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